Morenike George – Taylor


Morenike is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in supervising, managing and operating luxury real estate. She has advised clients in purchasing properties worth millions of dollars and supervises the operations of Taylors Realties. To contact Morenike send an email to

Temidayo Yusuf


Having spent years in the real estate industry, Temidayo is a seasoned realtor with a passion for real estate and has a unique focused approach to selling real estate. He is a seasoned property and facility manager and can help you achieve your real estate goals in record time. To contact Temidayo send an email to

Jennifer Okeke – Ojiudu


Jennifer is a lawyer turned Realtor that wears many hats, Having worked with top companies like Fine & Country and others, she has gathered years of experience is selling luxury real estate. To contact Jennifer send an email to

Louis Suarez


Louis is a seasoned business development officer with over 25 years experience building businesses across continents. She has experience transacting in and managing high end luxury properties and has a track record of successful scaling businesses. To contact Louis, please send an email to

Stephen Adah


Stephen has a background in facility management and has managed several properties around Lagos, Nigeria. He is a methodical person who ensures that services are delivered to all our facilities without a glitch. His general knowledge of all areas of maintenance combined with his experience managing facilities in 1004, Foodlanders and other companies has given him an edge in delivering seamless services to our clients. To contact Stephen, kindly send an email to:

Nicole Ikot


Nicole is a determined woman who is focused on achieving her goals. She has a strong interest in real estate and pays attention to detail, this allows her present and sell properties easily. Her kind disposition and understanding of the finer things in life allows her find the best real estate gems in the market and present them to HNI clients. To reach Nicole send an email to

Onyinye Onwuemene


If tenacity was a person, her name would be Onyinye, she is a focused young woman who fully understands the intricacies of the Nigerian property market. This makes it easy for her to show our properties and give full details that any client would want. You can contact her by sending an email to